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by | Jan 31, 2022


The team at Jimenez Law Firm is driven by the moral obligations of family lawyers and the long-term impact their actions can have on families.

Family law is complex and often involves clients who are going through some of the most emotionally draining periods of their lives. Beyond knowing the law, attorneys must recognize their moral duty to avoid underhanded tactics and focus on doing the right thing while safeguarding clients’ emotional well-being. Christina Jimenez, founder of the Texas-based Jimenez Law Firm, understands this. She has built her career and team around helping people both inside and outside the courtroom. “Our clients value us because we care about them,” she says. “Not only do we help navigate complex legal scanarios, but we help them emotionally and spiritually throughout the process.” For Jimenez, the work her team does is about more than just winning cases. The impact of their actions can have an effect that lasts for decades. “This is not transactional work: What we do involves people’s lives. The decisions we make could impact their children and grandchildren. It’s generational,” she explains.

Shared Values

Jimenez has spent years building a team that shares her values and drive. Clients who choose the firm often have an initial series of meetings with experienced attorneys and paralegals, where facts are established and a strategy is discussed. When particularly tough cases arise, the entire team pulls together and works on a solution.

One standout member of Jimenez’s team is Joshua Floyd, an attorney who has been with the firm since 2012 and is often the first person Jimenez will talk to when she needs to discuss strategy.

“He is my right hand. This firm would not be where it is without him,” she says. Jimenez feels the deeply strategic elements her team employs are an often overlooked part of family law. “This is an extremely strategic area of practice. Good attorneys and paralegals in this field are very strategic in their process, sometimes thinking five or 10 years down the road,” she says. “We are so fortunate to have such an exceptional group of people working at our firm.” “To achieve great success for clients, it requires dedication, values, and commitment,” adds Floyd. “That is what really sets us apart from every other fi rm. Our team’s ability to recognize the long-lasting impact we have on the lives of our clients and their children is our secret to successful outcomes for our clients.”

Offering Hope

The firm’s strategies often pay off . One client had been involved in a child custody battle for close to two years and had retained four previous attorneys before coming to Jimenez Law Firm.

After reviewing the client’s Files and holding discussions with him, the team uncovered evidence that cast doubt on the client’s ex-wife’s capabilities as a parent. Because the court had already ruled on the case, Jimenez had to wait for an opportune moment to present her case. Within four months, the client had full custody of his children. Five years later, the client has won permission to move out of state and start a new life with his children and new partner. “When he came to us, he had no hope, and that’s why we love doing what we do,” Jimenez says. “The right people and the right team can change people’s lives for the better.”