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Flower Mound and Lewisville Lawyers Enforcing Court Orders

When a legal matter is finalized, all of the terms and conditions are put into an order or judgment. If those orders are not followed, the individual who violated them can face strict penalties and severe consequences. If your ex-spouse is not following an order, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer immediately. Alternatively, if you are being accused of not following a court order, you should seek legal counsel immediately since jail time is a possibility.

Denton County Attorneys Filing Motions For Enforcement

At The Jimenez Law Firm, P.C., our North Texas and West Texas attorneys understand that circumstances in life change. Often, modifications become necessary. Unfortunately, many individuals will “take matters into their own hands” and ignore or intentionally violate an order. There is a wide range of violations, including:

  • Removing the child without consent
  • Failing to pay child support
  • Failing to pay medical insurance
  • Failing to pay medical bills
  • Failing to pay spousal support
  • Violating an injunction related to drinking or using drugs around the children
  • Allowing a prohibited person access to the children

Essentially, if there is anything in the order that you feel is not being adhered to, our Lewisville and Odessa attorneys can examine your situation and advise you regarding your options for enforcement.

If a Motion for Enforcement has been filed against you, there are certain affirmative defenses that our skilled attorneys may be able to argue on your behalf. These defenses could help you avoid confinement in jail or a serious fine.

Removing the Child Without Consent

Every court order has designated periods of possession. Most court orders designate the parent with whom the children live. This parent, in Texas, is referred to as the primary conservator. The parent who has visitation with the child is referred to as the possessory conservator. Regardless of whether you are the primary or possessory conservator, your rights should be set out in your court order.

Both parents are obligated to abide by the court order; failure to do so may result in a fine or confinement in jail. If the opposing party has kept the child away from you during your designated periods of possession our skilled litigators will do our best to make sure this never happens again.

Failing to Pay Child Support

Every parent knows that children are expensive. Therefore, when the non-custodial parent does not pay child support pursuant to a court order, this can create serious financial difficulties for the entire family. At The Jimenez Law Firm, P.C., we take these matters very seriously.

A motion to enforce a child support obligation may seek any one or more of the following remedies:

  • Contempt of court
  • Money judgment for delinquent child support
  • Withholding support from the obligor’s income
  • Requiring of bond or other security for payment
  • Revoking an individual’s license

Failing to Pay Medical Insurance

In most cases the non-custodial parent is responsible for obtaining and maintaining health insurance for the children. If health insurance is not available through this person’s employer at a reasonable cost, then the court may order that the custodial parent obtain health insurance through a government assistance plan. In either instance, if a parent was ordered to obtain health insurance and fails to do so, the consequences can be severe.

If your child is injured and requires medical assistance, and health insurance has not been obtained the parent that failed to obtain the insurance will be 100% responsible for any medical expenses. In addition, the same remedies regarding jail time and fines may be imposed.

Failing to Pay Medical Bills

Pursuant to most court orders, a parent must send medical bills to the other parent within thirty days of receipt. At our law firm we strongly recommend sending these bills over e-mail. This will ensure that if and when we have to walk into court for a contested matter over failing to pay these bills we have sufficient evidence. In the alternative, we would recommend that you send the bills certified, return receipt.

Once the medical bills have been sent to the opposing party, that individual has thirty days to either reimburse the parent or pay the medical provider directly.

Failing to Pay Spousal Support

Normally, if spousal support is ordered in the final decree of divorce, the spouse receiving support is depending on this money for basic living expenses. That being said, our litigation attorneys will fight to ensure that you get paid what you deserve quickly.

Violating an Injunction Related to Drinking or Using Drugs Around the Children and Allowing a Prohibited Person Access to the Children

In some instances a court will impose an injunction preventing drugs, alcohol, or individuals to be in the presence of the children. Most courts take these injunctions very seriously. If you have reason to believe that the other parent is violating these injunctions, an aggressive attorney at our law firm can stop these actions immediately.

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If you have questions regarding enforcement of orders, contact The Jimenez Law Firm, P.C., by completing the contact form on this website. We offer consultations in English and Spanish and accept most major credit cards for the payment of services.

Best of the Best!
Posted by Francisco, a Family client

She is very direct and honest. She tells you how it is and tells you what needs to be done to get you what you want. She is very professional. I am very satisfied with her representation given how young she is. She has a lot of experience. If needed in the future, I will definitely hire Christina Jimenez and her firm again.

Best of the Best!
Posted by Francisco, a Family client

She is very direct and honest. She tells you how it is and tells you what needs to be done to get you what you want. She is very professional. I am very satisfied with her representation given how young she is. She has a lot of experience. If needed in the future, I will definitely hire Christina Jimenez and her firm again.

Extraordinary Lawyer and Splendid Staff
Posted by Jaime, a Family Client

I won custody of my son thanks to Ms. Jimenez. She is very trustworthy and knowledgeable. The perfect Attorney for family matters. Throughout my entire case she was very responsive to me and if there were any changes she made sure I was informed.

A trustworthy lawyer for all your needs.
Posted by Leonardo

I personally thank Mr. Floyd for being my lawyer, he explained to me everything right. He worked my case when I thought I was going to do some time but he got me time served. I recommend Mr. Floyd to every criminal case. He's worth your time and well spent money.

Single Dad Wins!
Posted by a client

She dissected my ex making her look terrible in court. Hard for a single father to get custody? Not in Texas. She's ethically ruthless, if that makes sense. I ended up proving infidelity and canceled Mrs. Jimenez before final hearing, because a divorced father needs money for his child.all in all... Thank you.

Can't say enough good things!
Posted by Rhiannon, a Family client

She's awesome! She did everything and more she told me. Always answers my calls. No matter what time. She knows her law. She is family orientated and a really good listener and communicator. I recommend her so highly! I continue to work with her and she will have my business always.

Nastier divorce than yours...
Posted by a Family client

She got the results that were more favorable to me. From the first hearing I was able to get my kids back, she is well known in Denton county and has a very professional demeanor.

Undisputed Victory: Father wins Custody of Baby Boy!
Posted by Richard

In undeniable circumstances, justice was prevailed when Joshua won custody of my two year old son on a whim. When faced with adversity, Mr. Floyd prevailed with phenomenal performance.

Review of Services for Christina Jimenez
Posted by Patrick, a Criminal Defense client

My experience with this law firm has been an overall excellent experience. She has always been quickly and easily reachable and very responsive to any and all of my inquiries. I would greatly recommend her and her practice to anyone in need of the services her firm offers.

Possession of a deadly drug
Posted by Mary

Mr. Floyd handled my husband's case extremely well. After all the evidence was collected Mr. Floyd got my husband's case dismissed. My husband never had to go to court, Mr. Floyd took care of everything. I would recommend him to anyone.

Sweet Lawyer and she did a great job!
Posted by Caroline, a Criminal Defense client

informed with what was going on! She was honest and up front about my case even when if it was meant to be harsh it was still said the right way. Christina was overall a great lawyer and she got my case done in a timely manner and respectful one. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a good lawyer!

Difficult divorce made easy!!!!!!
Posted by Nicola, a Divorce client

The Jimenez team made, what I thought was going to be a difficult divorce, extremely easy. They went above and beyond for me, and almost everything was taken care of with just a couple of phone calls.

Best Lawyer I could of hired!
Posted by Tom, a Child Custody client

From day one Christina was very professional and ethical. It's very hard for a Dad to get custody of his kids but with the great work of the Jimenez firm that's exactly what happened. Christina made opposing counsel look so bad my ex went through two (high priced) lawyers before it was over. It was awesome having her and her team on my side! Thank you Christina for everything and I will always be a promoter of your firm!

Amazing lawyer and the BEST for family law issues!
Posted by a Child Support client

Christina is very knowledgeable and professional with family law issues. She went above and beyond my expectations. My children and I were going through a very difficultly time in our lives and Christina faithfully stood by my side in court throughout my trials. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance handling legal matters.

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