The Consultation: Episode 048: (Part 2) Donna Bloom talks Family Violence and Survivors’ Resources

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by | Nov 10, 2023

Christina Jimenez and Joshua Floyd of The Jimenez Law Firm sit down with Donna Bloom of Denton County Friends of the Family to discuss domestic/family violence and survivors’ resources.

October was National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the Director of Legal Services, Donna Bloom, stopped in to talk to us – her (sometimes) opposing counsels!

Ms. Bloom breaks down the common misconceptions, like the difference between domestic and family violence, the risk indicators that people may not recognize as abuse, changes from the Texas Legislature in how family violence is handled in court, and so much more we didn’t expect.

These three Texas lawyers dive into the topic using past client stories, litigation strategy, and more!

From Denton County Friends of the Family: “Ms. Bloom has more than twenty-four years of experience in the domestic violence field, having served as an executive director, community educator and client advocate and since 2008 as the Director of Legal Services where she provides civil legal services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Additionally, Ms. Bloom is seen as an expert in the field throughout the State of Texas and is a sought-after speaker and trainer on the complex issues associated with the intersection between domestic violence and child abuse and neglect.”

Check out Denton County Friends of the Family:

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