Does My 16-Year-Old Son Need a Lawyer for Drug Possession Charges?

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by | May 19, 2023

As a parent, it can be extremely challenging to learn that your teenager has been accused of a drug-related offense, regardless of whether it came as a complete shock or you suspected it beforehand. You may be wondering about the impact of this charge on your child’s future.

The Jimenez Law Firm has years of experience in helping young people who are facing legal charges similar to those of your child. As a criminal defense law firm, we can assist you in comprehending the charges and the possible repercussions.

Juvenile drug crimes, including possession charges, are taken very seriously in Texas to protect kids from developing addiction, according to state lawmakers. Your teen may face serious consequences, which are more severe than just a minor punishment, even if the situation appears insignificant. This is why it’s so important to have excellent legal representation in cases such as these.

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In case your child is charged with misdemeanor drug possession, which usually involves small quantities of marijuana or prescription drugs, their driver’s license will be revoked for at least six months, regardless of their age. And, while most juveniles are charged in juvenile court, there are some cases where the court may opt to try the “child” as an adult.

The severity of the drug possession charges increases to a felony based on both the type and amount of drugs that the child had in their possession when they were arrested. The punishment for juvenile drug possession can range from no punishment to time in a juvenile detention center, depending on the specific case.

What are the Penalties for Drug Possession for Minors?

In Texas, minors between the ages of 10 and 17 can still face charges for drug possession, even though they are not yet legal adults. These charges would be handled by the juvenile court. If your child gets arrested for drug possession, it can be classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony. However, the charge can have a long-term effect on your child’s future, regardless of the classification. The penalties you might face will depend on the nature of the offense as well as the resulting criminal charge.

Penalties for Misdemeanor Drug Possession Include:

  • Court fee payment
  • Counseling
  • Drug rehabilitation or treatment
  • Educational courses on substance abuse
  • Community service
  • Probation until the person convicted reaches the age of 18

Penalties for Felony Drug Possession Include:

  • All of the punishments for a misdemeanor
  • Confinement at a Texas Juvenile Justice Department facility until the child turns 19 years old

If a juvenile has a prior criminal history, particularly involving violent crimes like assault, or is under probation for a previous offense, the severity of their punishment can vary widely. Sometimes, the juvenile may even be tried and sentenced as an adult, which could result in heavy fines and possible imprisonment (similar to adult drug possession convictions in Texas). On the other hand, if it is their first offense, the court may be more lenient, but it is still essential to have legal representation to assist throughout the process.

Criminal Attorneys You Can Count On for Minor in Possession Charges

Sometimes parents are unaware that their children have access to or are using drugs until they receive a call from the school or the police. If your child is facing legal trouble, it’s important to reach out to a juvenile law attorney at The Jimenez Law Firm who is familiar with the juvenile court system. We have minor-in-possession attorneys who can discuss your case with you and work to protect your child’s freedom and future.

Consequences of Minors in Possession Charges

Although the penalties for drug offenses committed by minors may not be as severe as those for adults, the potential long-term consequences can still be devastating. In Texas, if your child has been charged with a drug crime, it is crucial to consult one of our well-informed juvenile law defense attorney who is well-informed about the matter without delay.

If your child is charged with drug possession as a juvenile in Texas, it can affect their future prospects unless their criminal record is sealed or expunged. To prevent this from happening and to ensure that they have access to opportunities like higher education, housing, and employment, it’s crucial to take steps to protect their future.

To ensure that your child’s mistake does not impact their future, it is recommended that you seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer at Jimenez Law Firm who specializes in juvenile law. Book a case review with one of our attorneys to determine the most suitable legal defense for your child.

The Significance of a Proper Legal Defense Is Important to Your Child’s Future

In Texas, there has been a rise in juvenile drug possession charges and distribution crimes among teenagers.

If your child is between the ages of 10 and 16 and has been arrested in Texas for drug possession or the possession of a controlled substance, it’s important to take steps to safeguard their legal rights. Under Texas law, juveniles can face drug charges, and you want to ensure that your son or daughter’s rights are respected.

Whenever a child is arrested for a crime, regardless of its severity, it should be treated seriously. If the situation is not handled carefully, a juvenile drug possession charge can have lifelong consequences for your child. This can impact their education and employment opportunities, particularly for government positions that require security clearance. It can also limit their ability to acquire professional licenses, such as for piloting, medicine, or nursing, and affect their housing and insurance rates. Having a criminal record can make life significantly harder.

It is crucial to ensure that you provide the best possible defense. If your child is acquitted or the charges are dropped, it is also essential to have the record expunged or sealed, and your Jimenez Law Firm lawyer can assist you with this process.

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