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Criminal Defense Attorney in Midland-Odessa, TX

The Jimenez Law Firm Will Defend Your Freedom and Protect Your Rights

If you’ve been charged with a crime, your future is at stake. Your reputation, employment, freedom, and rights as a citizen can be significantly impacted or even completely taken away with a single conviction. Don’t make the mistake of gambling with your future by trying to handle your own criminal defense.

Entrust your future to the professional legal team at The Jimenez Law Firm. Our criminal defense attorneys provide legal representation, protection, and guidance through this difficult time. We aggressively defend clients who are facing misdemeanor and felony charges in the Midland Odessa area. If you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Midland, Tx or Odessa, Tx, give us a call at 432-335-9000 or toll-free at 1-800-655-4874. Our Criminal attorneys will work to defend you. We defend each case with skill and precision while helping to protect your rights.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Midland-Odessa, Texas

Are you or a loved one dealing with criminal charges in Midland-Odessa, Texas? Being charged with a crime in Texas could have serious consequences. Give yourself the best possible chance to avoid ending up with a criminal record. Seek out the help of experienced criminal defense lawyers at The Jimenez Law Firm. Law enforcement will use anything and everything you say or do against you if given the chance. We can help you understand and protect your rights during each phase of this process. Set up a consultation with our practice today so we can get started on your case.

Felony Attorney in Midland-Odessa, TX

When facing felony charges, it’s crucial to speak with an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Any delay may put your entire case at risk. Speak with a qualified defense attorney who has your best interest at heart, such as those at the law office of The Jimenez Law Firm.

Personalized and Aggressive Criminal Defense in Texas

Facing criminal charges can be scary and tremendously overwhelming. However, having a great criminal law attorney in your corner can help you feel more in control. Our defense attorneys have the education and experience to help you with your criminal case. We’ve represented individuals of all ages who’ve been up against a variety of offenses. Our practice areas include:

  1. DWI
  2. Drug Crimes
  3. Crimes Against Property
  4. Crimes Against Individuals including Assault or other Crimes of Violence
  5. Fraud including Fraud Against the Government
  6. Parole Revocation
  7. Probation Violations
  8. Public Intoxication
  9. Theft Crimes and more.

We take our time to examine the evidence, ensure that the police and prosecutors are doing their jobs correctly, and protect your rights as we help you navigate the criminal justice system. The Jimenez Law Firm criminal law attorneys are professional and capable of building an aggressive defense strategy with the goal of protecting your rights and liberties while negotiating and defending your case.

Why you should hire The Jimenez Law Firm as your Midland/Odessa Criminal Attorney

The criminal lawyers at The Jimenez Law Firm are passionate about the principle that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty. This passion is evident in our respectful approach to you and your case, our strong defense tactics, and our dedication across the board. We will advocate for your rights, provide legal advice and counsel, assist with any plea bargaining, ensure proper and fair jury selection, and so much more when we’re representing you as a client.

With so much on the line, the last thing you want to do is put yourself at risk with self-representation. Hiring a defense lawyer who advocates for you is your best bet when it comes to avoiding or minimizing the damage of criminal charges.

Need legal help in Texas?

If you or a loved one needs legal help or has been charged with criminal offenses, then call the Jimenez Law Firm attorneys at law. We review each individual case and thoroughly study the issue at hand. Our defense lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of Texas criminal law. In addition, we understand what judges and juries look for when deciding on a criminal case. As our client, we believe in treating the defendant with respect. You’ll be informed and updated every step of the way until a plea deal is reached or the trial and any appeals are over.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and other similar offenses are often the results of an accident or misunderstanding. Unfortunately, many of these charges do lead to conviction, fines, and jail time. In addition, having violent crimes on your record can leave a lasting impact on your life. We take an aggressive approach to these cases in order to reach a good, positive outcome.

Violation of a Restraining Order

Violating protective orders in Texas can have harsh consequences. In fact, if you violate a restraining order, there’s a chance that local law enforcement may arrest you without needing a warrant. In addition, you can also be arrested if the police or other law enforcement has probable cause to believe that you either played a part in threatening, assaulting, or violating the protection order in any other way. When these arrests occur, they can be based on witness statements, physical evidence, or even your own admission. You’ll want to reach out to an attorney sooner than later to protect your freedom and avoid going to jail.


While most people think of assault by its legal definition as intentionally inflicting injury on another person or touching them without their consent, in the eyes of the law, it doesn’t stop there. An assault chargecan occur without any violence taking place. This is a big part of why so many assault charges are misunderstandings that got blown out of proportion. Having an attorney who’s familiar with the intricacies of assault charges is vital for creating a solid defense.

Drug Crimes

If you or a loved one have been arrested on drug charges, it’s important to reach out to a qualified lawyer who has experience with defending drug crimes . Our attorneys have extensive experience in both misdemeanor and felony drug charges. We defend our clients’ rights and freedoms against drug charges such as:

  1. Drug Possession
  2. Possession of Illegal Drug Paraphernalia
  3. Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs
  4. Drug Trafficking and Distribution

Drug crimes can result in severe penalties in the state of Texas. If you’ve been charged in Midland, Texas, Odessa, Texas, or the surrounding area, call for a consultation with an experienced attorney at law.


Conviction for a DWI or DUI in Texas state often comes with significant penalties including:

  1. Loss of driving privileges
  2. Jail time
  3. Fines
  4. Completion of an alcohol or drug addiction treatment program
  5. Community service
  6. An ignition control device (which you must pay for)

DUI and DWI charges can be fought with the help of skilled lawyers. The Jimenez Law Firm has experience working with adult and juvenile clients facing DUI and DWI charges. DWI convictions can result in long-lasting consequences including jail time and a criminal record. Not to mention the loss of driving privileges may make it difficult for you to get to and from college or work. We thoroughly understand the law and how it applies to your case and will do everything we can to defend your rights and freedom.

Potential Consequences

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. While it may be tempting to self-represent or go with a court-appointed attorney, your best chance is to work with an educated and professional attorney who’s familiar with criminal charges and their defense. The prosecutor will do whatever they can to get the courts to find in their favor without concern for your rights and freedoms.

Legal practices like The Jimenez Law Firm want to make sure that your rights are protected at every stage of the case from arrest to pre-trial hearings, to the courtroom, sentencing, appeals court, and beyond. Without that experience and protection, there’s a higher chance you’ll face harsh consequences if convicted.

Difference Between Misdemeanor and Felony Charges

Depending on the criminal charges you’re facing, your freedoms are at risk. We’ll cover everything from minor offenses to felonies to help you better understand what you’re up against.

Minor Offenses

If you’ve been charged with a minor offense, then this means the crime is less severe than both misdemeanors and felonies. The consequences for these minor offenses are generally pretty mild. In many cases, you might get a warning or a fine. In some cases, minor offense convictions could result in short-term imprisonment of up to three months.


Misdemeanors are generally crimes that are more than a minor offense but also less than a felony. They’re typically punishable by a combination of less than a year in county jail or fines of up to and including $4000. However, many of the same crimes are listed as both misdemeanors and felonies. The difference is that the misdemeanor is the less severe version of the felony crime. The primary difference is the degree of violence. Common misdemeanors include:

  1. Assault
  2. Driving under the influence
  3. Possession of unregistered firearms
  4. Shoplifting
  5. Property theft

In Texas, if you’ve been convicted of a misdemeanor crime for your first offense and then repeat the crime, it will be charged as a felony the second time in most cases.


Felony charges are for the most severe types of crimes. If convicted, felony crimes are usually punishable by a year or more in state prison, along with large fines, and occasionally even the death penalty. These crimes tend to be more violent crimes and often include the use of deadly weapons or inflicting substantial harm to another person. Common felonies include:

  1. Burglary
  2. Domestic assault
  3. Illegal drug sales
  4. Rape
  5. Aggravated sexual assault of a child
  6. Murder

However, occasionally less violent crimes will be charged at a felony level if there have been multiple occurrences of the crime.

Common Punishments for Texas Criminal Charges

Not all criminal convictions are the same because each case presents its own challenges and circumstances. The penalties you face are dependent on those circumstances and your criminal defense. This means that two people who committed the same crime may find themselves facing different consequences.

Most often, crimes in Texas face penalties such as:

  1. Fines
  2. Community Service
  3. Diversion Programs
  4. Probation
  5. Incarceration
  6. Death Penalty

It’s important to remember that a criminal charge doesn’t mean your life is over. Work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer at The Jimenez Law Firm to learn more about how you can protect your rights and freedoms.

What Happens After an Arrest in Midland-Odessa?

Prior to being arrested, the police have already investigated the crime they’re accusing you of and have gathered enough evidence to make the determination that you’re responsible. They’ll then make a case against you in criminal court where the skilled attorneys at The Jimenez Law Firm can help defend your rights and freedoms.

The first stage in the process is the arraignment. This is when a judge reads the criminal charges you’re facing and asks if you plead guilty or not guilty.

At this point, your attorney will help you build your case. At The Jimenez Law Firm, we work very closely with our clients and have conversations about what the options are for the proceedings and any potential plea agreements. We will examine the evidence, conduct our own investigation, and locate any witnesses.

From here, your case may follow one of two paths. The prosecution may offer to lessen your sentence if you take a plea bargain, or you’ll go directly to trial. If plea negotiations don’t find a common ground or if this is not the right choice for your case, then the next step is a trial.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving Midland and Odessa

The Jimenez Law Firm Attorneys have experience defending clients against criminal charges. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, reach out to our law offices to speak with an attorney. Call The Jimenez Law Firm at (432) 335-9000 or reach out to us online to discuss the details of your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where do I find a top criminal defense lawyer in Odessa, Texas?

A1: The Jimenez Law Firm has some of the most skilled and experienced attorneys in the Midland Odessa area. If you’re concerned about if our attorneys would be a good fit for your case, simply call to set up a consultation. We’ll be able to review the charges and speak with you to answer any questions you may have so you can determine if we’re a good fit. Our expertise has helped us win several cases for a variety of clients. We focus on protecting your rights and freedoms.

Q2. What are felony punishment ranges in Texas?

A2. Sentencing guidelines for felony crimes in Texas can fall anywhere from 180 days in jail up to life in prison, a fine up to $10,000, as well as community supervision. These follow the highest level of sentencing allowed in the American Criminal Justice System.

That being said, the state of Texas breaks felony charges into three degrees based on the extent of the crime and acceptable punishment severity.

  1. State Jail Felony – This type of felony is a state crime with a punishment level of jail time that falls between 180 days and no more than two years, in combination with a fine of no more than $2,000. Many state jail felonies also include community supervision. In these cases, jail time must be served in full whereas individuals doing time in county jail have the potential to be released early. It’s not uncommon for some state jail felonies to get lowered to misdemeanor charges with no jail time with a good defense.
  2. Third Degree Felony – More serious than a state jail felony, a third-degree felony conviction is punishable with imprisonment in state prison for a time period that falls between two and ten years, along with a fine of up to $10,000. Many times, third-degree felonies also are subject to community supervision.
  3. Second Degree Felony – For a second-degree felony, a conviction may mean between two and twenty years in state prison with a maximum fine of $10,000 and a high chance of community supervision.
  4. First Degree Felony – The second most serious felony charge, a first-degree felony conviction involves imprisonment between 5 and 99 years or life in prison. In addition, it also carries a fine of up to $10,000 and a high likelihood of community supervision.
  5. Capital Felony – A capital felony is the most severe felony in the state of Texas. Conviction often means either life in prison or being sentenced to death.
Q3. Do I really need an attorney for my criminal charges?

A3. While some people do choose to self-represent or go with a court-ordered attorney, others prefer to seek out the specialized experience of an attorney who has the time, education, and skillset to be fully dedicated to their case. Doing so often provides better results than the alternatives. You should never risk your rights and freedoms by letting someone inexperienced or overworked handle your case for you. It’s your life and future on the line.