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Oliver reviewed Jimenez Law Firm, P.C.
April 4

I almost lost hope and gave up. I knew my son was safest with me but for some reason, all the lawyers I’ve worked with didn’t want to stand up, and fight for me and my son. They all told me it was impossible for me to get what I wanted. One of them even said: “Texas law favors the mom not the dad, and if you try to fight that, you’ll lose”.

After going through 3 lawyers who got me nowhere, I almost lost hope and gave up. Then one day, I thought to myself “I need to work with the best”. I wasn’t going to just give up without giving it my all. So I spent hours researching. I went from one site to another, read as many reviews as I could… and they all pointed to one person.

Christina Jimenez.

At first I was skeptical, but all that changed after working with Christina and her firm. She took the time to really get to know me, the case, and the outcome I desired. Once she did, she put her heart and soul into fighting for me and my son. She is as passionate about this case as I am, and it feels good to have the BEST person on my side, representing me.

If you are looking for someone who will fight for what you deserve, has your best interest in mind, and has the grace, knowledge, and skill to get you the best possible outcome for you, I highly recommend working with Christina and her firm.

Now I know why they call her a Super Lawyer.

My only regret? I wish I would’ve found and hired her sooner.

From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU!

Amanda reviewed
April 26

Christina and her team are just incredible. They have everything a firm SHOULD have. That you HOPE your attorney will have. Heart, integrity and a firm and skillful mentality.

Christina has gone so far above and beyond for us, and after what felt like an impossible situation and the most stressful experience of our lives we began to see hope immediately after hiring her. Then, we began to see the case completely turn around in a positive way.

She’s professional, likable in and out of the court room, and genuinely cares about her clients. Something we had not experienced whatsoever with our two previous lawyers that had severely messed up our case before we were able to find the Jimenez Law Firm.

Thank you so much Christina, Josh, and team for your ongoing care, skill and support regarding our family’s future.

Best custody attorney

Posted by Fredo A.
April 10, 2017

I was a non-custodial parent for years. until my oldest son wanted to live with me. I was told by everyone that dads don’t get custody in Texas unless mom is unfit. Which my ex was not. Christina was a total “Beast”, she will fight and fight for you in the courtroom, she got my oldest son to talk to the judge and not only did I gain primary custody of my oldest son she also got me custody of my youngest son. She was up front and honest with me from the start, and did not let me down. She was amazing and was the best decision I made. She is worth every dollar I spent. Her staff kept me informed the whole way. Don’t risk your chances. The happiness of your children it’s priceless.

Divorce and Child Custody

Posted by Mandy

We have been working on a very tiring child custody case with a gridlock on both sides. Christina and her team have given us hope that our son will be safe and in the right hands. She is far more intelligent and capable than opposing counsel- to the point that they admitted it! We went through two lawyers before finding Christina, and all I can say is, if we had found her earlier, we wouldn’t still even be dealing with this madness. So thankful to have her and we would recommend her to anyone with a unique child custody case or anyone who needs a lawyer who isn’t afraid to do what’s truly right for the client.

Beyond expectations

Posted by Maria

Mrs. Jimenez was recommended to me by a coworker who used her in her sons custody case, (which she won). My custody case started in San Antonio tx in October 2015 and was moved to Midland tx. She was able to handle all the mess of moving and even called to remind me of my up coming court hearings in San Antonio (which my lawyer in San Antonio failed to call me on). Thankfully Mrs Jimenez kept up with ever aspect of my case. Once in midland she not only addressed all my concerns in this difficult case she went beyond my expectations. She advised where needed, but pushed me to make my own decisions for the best interest of my children. This custody battle was one of the biggest and scariest things my children and I have under gone. She was able to keep my children out of the mess as much as possible . I am now sole conservator of my children and my ex visitations have been revised. This was an extremely hard case with a lot of emotional areas for my children and I. I am blessed that Mrs Jimenez’s group was referred to me. Thank you Mrs Jimenez I am extremely grateful for all you have done.

Excellent Attorney

Posted by Lorenzo

Joshua worked with me on my child custody case. He was always really informative and available to answer all my questions. He was really easy to talk to and made me feel at ease throughout a difficult time. I felt like he worked very diligently behind the scene to ensure the best outcome for my case possible, I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone in a custody battle

Custody hearing for Oscar

Posted by Oscar

What can I say about Christina Jimenez? Miss Jimenez is a great and might I add a very tough lawyer. Her and Joshua Floyd went above and beyond for me to get my daughter and have her at home with me safe and sound. I was never mislead or told anything in doubt by neither attorney. It was a tough battle but with Miss Jimenez sternness and go getter attitude and education and experience her and Mr Floyd were able to get me sole possession of my beautiful daughter and I recommend them both to any mother or father being kept from their child. Huge thanks to the Jimenez law firm and the entire staff.

Amazing Lawyer

Posted by Rita

Christina and her team did so much for us and our family. The way they made us feel top priority at all time. She went above and beyond our expectations. I would recommend her to anyone who wants the best. Thank you for everything!


Posted by sandy

My son hired the Jimenez law firm which was a Mr. Floyd that we spoke to when we had our consultation. At the review Ms. Christina ended up coming and she was not feeling well but she still came to represent him which was great in our case she was the top attorney at her firm. She did some negotiating with the opposite party and at the end we can say she did an amazing job. In what I saw she was born to be an attorney and my family I will recommend her any day. Thank you Ms. Christina and her firm.

Great Child Support Lawyer

Posted by G.C.

Christina represented me in my child support case. She did a great making sure that the retroactive support judgment was reasonable and that my current support was more than fair. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help with an Attorney General case.


Posted by JAIME


I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer!

Posted by Michelle

When I first reached out to Josh’s firm for legal assistance I was a pile of stress, looking at fines and criminal charges, but with Josh working on my behalf my case was closed and my record stayed clean. Josh went above and beyond the call of duty making phone calls, doing research and negotiating to get me the best possible outcome. He not only worked fast and diligently to helped me get the best possible outcome, but he also made sure to keep me in the loop during the entire process. He helped get this unfortunate situation resolved and always kept my best interests in mind, and for that I am very grateful. I am glad I had a lawyer like Josh on my side and would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.

Custody Battle

Posted by Brenda

Mrs. Jimenez was so incredibly helpful throughout my custody battle. She is an extremely knowledgable & always so available for any and all questions. I always had her cell phone number and always received a prompt response. She made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process & I would most def. use her again if the occasion arose & would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.

Highly recommend Joshua as a Lawyer!

Posted by Pilar

The Jimenez law firm has been so good to me! Handled my case extremely well, with no doubt Joshua did an amazing job at fighting for my case! Informed me for every little detail about my case. Offers great and professional environment! Actually did his job, changed my life completely, couldn’t thank him enough! Best lawyer out there!

Best of the Best!

Posted by Francisco, a Family client

She is very direct and honest. She tells you how it is and tells you what needs to be done to get you what you want. She is very professional. I am very satisfied with her representation given how young she is. She has a lot of experience. If needed in the future, I will definitely hire Christina Jimenez and her firm again.

Extraordinary Lawyer and Splendid Staff

Posted by Jaime, a Family Client

I won custody of my son thanks to Ms. Jimenez. She is very trustworthy and knowledgeable. The perfect Attorney for family matters. Throughout my entire case she was very responsive to me and if there were any changes she made sure I was informed.

A trustworthy lawyer for all your needs.

Posted by Leonardo

I personally thank Mr. Floyd for being my lawyer, he explained to me everything right. He worked my case when I thought I was going to do some time but he got me time served. I recommend Mr. Floyd to every criminal case. He’s worth your time and well spent money.

Single Dad Wins!

Posted by a client

She dissected my ex making her look terrible in court. Hard for a single father to get custody? Not in Texas.
She’s ethically ruthless, if that makes sense. I ended up proving infidelity and canceled Mrs. Jimenez before final hearing, because a divorced father needs money for his child.all in all… Thank you.

Can’t say enough good things!

Posted by Rhiannon, a Family client

She’s awesome! She did everything and more she told me. Always answers my calls. No matter what time. She knows her law. She is family orientated and a really good listener and communicator. I recommend her so highly! I continue to work with her and she will have my business always.

Very professional and has your best interest at heart.

Posted by Lauren, a Family client

I will continue to recommend Christina Jimenez from now on. Not only was she just very honest she listened to everything I had to say about my case. She didn’t lead me on with false hope she told me exactly how it was going to be. She worked hard for me and I am forever grateful to her. When it was time to go to court and present our side she was professional and like a shark, for a lack of a better word. She knew what I wanted and she made sure she got the best results for me. Wonderful staff they always answered my emails even when I sent 5 a day. Working with families can be a very emotional time for her clients and she makes you feel comfortable and confident when you head to court. Just a real pleasure working with her.

Nastier divorce than yours…

Posted by a Family client

She got the results that were more favorable to me. From the first hearing I was able to get my kids back, she is well known in Denton & Ector Counties and has a very professional demeanor.

My case was a whole new trial for divorce, my ex filed the motion for new trial and it was granted, Christina defended me and I came out with my hands full and the ex lost everything she had originally in the first divorce round.

She is a hard worker and although it may seem that the pace is slow, it really wasn’t. The court system is what made it slow.

I recommend her highly.

Undisputed Victory: Father wins Custody of Baby Boy!

Posted by Richard

In undeniable circumstances, justice was prevailed when Joshua won custody of my two year old son on a whim. When faced with adversity, Mr. Floyd prevailed with phenomenal performance.

Great Lawyer! Honest, Smart, Trustworthy and Tech Savvy!

Posted by Cathy, a Child Custody client

My experience with Christina and Staff was/is top notch! Every time I call I get a live person who listens and answers my questions. They give me options, tell me the truth and set proper expectations. I love how they use technology ( to keep me organized, informed and on top of my case. Christina herself takes ownership and has amazing attention to detail. She has given me great guidance and direction. We were successful in winning custody under questionable circumstances. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a family law attorney.

Review of Services for Christina Jimenez

Posted by Patrick, a Criminal Defense client

My experience with this law firm has been an overall excellent experience. She has always been quickly and easily reachable and very responsive to any and all of my inquiries. I would greatly recommend her and her practice to anyone in need of the services her firm offers.


Possession of a deadly drug

Posted by Mary

Mr. Floyd handled my husband’s case extremely well. After all the evidence was collected Mr. Floyd got my husband’s case dismissed. My husband never had to go to court, Mr. Floyd took care of everything. I would recommend him to anyone.

Sweet Lawyer and she did a great job!

Posted by Caroline, a Criminal Defense client

informed with what was going on! She was honest and up front about my case even when if it was meant to be harsh it was still said the right way. Christina was overall a great lawyer and she got my case done in a timely manner and respectful one. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a good lawyer!

Difficult divorce made easy!!!!!!

Posted by Nicola, a Divorce client

The Jimenez team made, what I thought was going to be a difficult divorce, extremely easy. They went above and beyond for me, and almost everything was taken care of with just a couple of phone calls.

Professional, Helpful, and Understanding

Posted by J, a Family client

Knowledge, efficiency and care are the hallmarks of this law firm. I had a very tumultuous divorce from my wife that took four years to complete. The entire time I had gone through four attorneys, three judges, two counties just to divorce one woman. I was consistently the victim of harassment, domestic violence, and was pulled into court for everything from accusations of drug abuse to allowing my children to play in the backyard without me being outside with them. I hired Ms. Jimenez once my divorce was final. I thought that things would settle down and life would return to normal. However, nothing had changed and I was still the victim to her anger. Ms. Jimenez took the time needed to truly understand my case. She and her staff were well versed in the law and the judges in Denton & Ector Counties. When speaking with opposing counsel, her staff was courteous and willing to compromise but held fast to my requests. The documents that were prepared were reviewed by me which helped everyone involved understand my case, understand the likelihood a compromise, and that is currently paving the way for a compromise between myself and my ex wife. I highly recommend Jimenez Law Firm to anyone seeking an attorney.

Best Lawyer I could of hired!

Posted by Tom, a Child Custody client

From day one Christina was very professional and ethical. It’s very hard for a Dad to get custody of his kids but with the great work of the Jimenez firm that’s exactly what happened. Christina made opposing counsel look so bad my ex went through two (high priced) lawyers before it was over. It was awesome having her and her team on my side! Thank you Christina for everything and I will always be a promoter of your firm!

Great Custody Lawyer and Wonderful Staff!

Posted by a client

Christina Jimenez is an extremely professional lawyer! She is well organized, quick, and always had the answers to my questions/ concerns. I have hired multiple lawyers in the DFW area and it wasn’t until I came across the Jimenez Law Firm that I was able to get the protection my son and I needed. The JLF crew kept me well informed and explained things to me that I did not understand. My case was handled in a very professional manner. I received full custody of my son and now I never have to worry about hiring another lawyer with the reassurance that Christina will ALWAYS fight for what is right/ deserved!

Amazing lawyer and the BEST for family law issues!

Posted by a Child Support client

Christina is very knowledgeable and professional with family law issues. She went above and beyond my expectations. My children and I were going through a very difficultly time in our lives and Christina faithfully stood by my side in court throughout my trials. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance handling legal matters.

Thanks, Josh

Posted by Kim

Josh handled my son-in-law’s case with great responsiveness and knowledge about the criminal judicial system. He was very thorough, went the extra mile in following up with the prosecutor, was courteous in his dealings with us and so, not surprisingly, Josh obtained a great result in our case. It is very convenient that he is in more than one location in Texas. I would highly recommend him to anyone and would not hesitate to hire him again if the need arose.

Awesome Custody Lawyer

Posted by a Child Custody client

From the get go, Christina and her staff were able to answer all my questions. I am a single father and needed an attorney with integrity. Christina knows how to speak with someone going through a tough time and risking losing their children. She helped me every step of the way and now I finally have custody of my children thanks to Christina. She is incredible in the courtroom and doesn’t let other attorneys run over her. She made sure that every step in my case was handled correctly and protected my rights. Christina and her firm gained my trust and did an excellent job on my case!