Julie Prentice

Julie Prentice helps clients prioritize goals, generate options, and explore long-term solutions with respect and support. Handling cases from criminal defense to divorce cases, she provides a thoughtful and empathetic approach to protecting the people and things they value most. Her clients include millennials, professionals, and their spouses, who value a constructive and intelligent approach to family law. She advises clients on a wide range of family law matters, including helping them establish a solid financial footing and take care of their children. Her work often involves complicated custody, property, and financial matters. With her, it’s all about family and helping people figure out what’s best for all, now and in the future.

Ms. Prentice is a well-known and respected family law attorney and criminal defense attorney in Odessa, TX who provides her clients with a wide range of options. She is an experienced litigator and is also a trained collaborative divorce lawyer and family law mediator. She utilizes her background and knowledge in delivering the full continuum of process options to help clients choose an approach that will best accomplish their goals and reduce unnecessary legal expenses. Ms. Prentice finds genuine joy in resolving cases. She offers the human touch to make every client feel they are important and their issues matter.

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