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When negligence or the inattention of another party causes an accident it's important you have an advocate. Our experience in personal injury and accident litigation helps you to weather this difficult time. We pride ourselves on taking the burden of your legal recourse on our shoulders while you recover. Dealing with insurance companies and non-responsive parties shouldn't be something you have to deal with. Let The Jimenez Law Firm, P.C., be sure you get the coverage and resolution you deserve in court.

At The Jimenez Law Firm, P.C., we understand that people can get hurt in a number of ways. When these accidents are caused by negligence or inattention, it might be possible to recover monetary compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Through a free consultation, we can assess your situation and provide you with expert legal advice regarding your best course of action.

Denton County Accident Injury Lawyers - Proven Results

Our attorney's have addressed accidents in a wide range of situations, including motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, accidents caused by defective products or premises liability accidents. Depending on the accident, injuries can range from minor to catastrophic. Injuries such as broken bones, closed head injuries and spinal cord injuries are common results in serious accidents.

Another level of stress is added when the injured individual is the sole wage earner for the family. A family in this situation is pressured with an extraordinary amount of stress. Our experienced personal injury lawyers take special care to remedy this. The Jimenez Law Firm, P.C., is effective at not only getting this event corrected, but making sure your family is kept whole can look forward to a bright future.

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